Throw Them Out!!!

ALL U.S. Representatives are up for re-election in 2016. We could literally clean House, by voting them ALL out of office. Let’s start next year with a new Congress… VOTE OUT all the Incumbents* in 2016. THROW THEM OUT!!!

*Incumbent: Person currently holding office.

WHY???   Here’s a few reasons…

  1. Our children are going to have to pay back all the money that Congress has borrowed for the BANKS and their Wall-Street cronies! That’s IMMORAL and IRRESPONSIBLE!!!
  2. They have rewarded the same bankers & criminals who caused this Financial Crisis, giving them Trillions of our Tax Dollars
  3. They care more about keeping their own jobs, than they do about upholding the Constitution! For the fifth year in a row, Congress voted to take their automatic pay raise, while the rest of America is taking pay cuts or losing their jobs.
  4. Our soldiers are STILL fighting foreign wars based on lies!
  5. They voted to build bridges in Iraq, while America’s are falling apart.
  6. They spend more time raising money for their next election than they do JUST READING the LAWS they PASS!
  7. They continue to spend our tax dollars like drunks, which means higher taxes for all, and even higher taxes for our children.
  8. They voted to allow the NSA, FBI, CIA and others, to spy on US citizens. They can tap your phone, search your email, and your house when you’re not home and not have to tell you.
  9. Over One Million Iraqis dead!
  10. Congress — both Republicans AND Democrats — have voted overwhelmingly to send more of our money and our children (soldiers) to war!.
“We, the people” need to tell Congress and the Senate, “YOU’RE FIRED!!!”  What are YOUR reasons to Throw Them Out???  Leave a comment below…

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Thursday, January 1st, 2009 US Congress 117 Comments